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1. Firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or
Dom and Tara Zimmer and their real estate business are synonymous with indefatigable work effort,
diligence and the spirit of accomplishing any goal or task.
Their level of attention to the needs of clients past and present has earned The Zimmer’s a well-
respected and established reputation in the Treasure Valley as a husband and wife real estate team that
delivers top level results. Dom and Tara pride themselves on providing personal service that is quite
simply beyond reproach, this has led them to an ever growing base of referral and repeat clients.

Buyers, sellers and investors trust The Zimmer’s to guide them through every step of the real estate
process. From initial contact to handing over the keys, whether it’s your very first time purchasing a
home or selling a property or if you’re a seasoned pro that moves every few years, Dom and Tara
commit themselves to making the experience smooth and comfortable.
Just like a pilot uses a pre-flight checklist, there are simple and proven steps for each aspect of a
transaction. Buyer and seller consultations, strategy discussions and marketing plans ensure that
everything is covered and nothing is missed.

Before real estate: Dom was a commercial fisherman in Alaska. (Yes, kinda like “The Deadliest Catch”)
He earned a USCG Master’s License, served as deckhand, Chief Engineer, Mate and Captain. He fished
almost year round for Pollock, Cod and King Crab. Dom and Tara owned a Salmon fishing boat in Bristol
Bay, Alaska, where they spent summers together fishing for Sockeye Salmon.
Tara stayed home (while not fishing for Salmon) and managed the household and business affairs, while
raising three children. Davis, Reagan and Max.
They have called the Treasure Valley home for nearly 40 years, enjoying everything great about Idaho,
from mountain biking in the Owyhee Mountains to hiking and camping in the Sawtooths. They’re self-
confessed foodies and indulge in local cuisine at every opportunity.
Dom and Tara currently live in Nampa on a couple of acres with lots of flowers, 25 chickens and a
rooster named Guapo.